Skate Park Facility


This is a USE AT YOUR OWN RISK FACILITY, designed for skateboarding, inline skating and BMX bikes only. Skating/Biking can cause serious physical injury or death if users do not wear helmets and other safety gear or do not use this facility safely and appropriately. It is recommended that persons using the Skate Park wear helmet, elbow pads, and kneepads.

  • Motorized equipment prohibited.
  • No unauthorized or personally owned pieces of equipment, such as ramps or other devices are allowed in the Skate Park Facility.
  • Recommended that children of the ages 10 and under be accompanied and/or supervised by an adult.
  • Tobacco, alcohol and drugs are prohibited. No profanity.
  • No graffiti or destroying or defacement of property or facility/equipment.
  • No food or beverages or glass bottles/items within the facility.
  • Use trash receptacles and keep facility safe and clean.
  • Hours of Operation: Skate Park Facility closes at 10 p.m.

If the gate is locked, no entry or trespassing.

P & R reserves the right to close this facility at any time.

  • The Rules and Regulations governing the Peters Complex apply at all time